Brilliant step back in time

My husband and I really enjoyed learning about the life of Lenin and the Russian Revolution courtesy of our charming tour guide. It was an absolute gorgeous day for it too! But to be honest, I didn't know a lot about Lenin and the Russian Revolution and found it fascinating to see how big a part London played and how his life unfolded in the short time he spent here... And the people he met! It just goes to show you the influence this city and country has had on the world for centuries. Well worth the walk through the fabulous Kings Cross, Islington and Farringdon! Thank you for the fabulous opportunity.

David W

Margarita is an excellent educator and has clearly gone to great lengths to prepare a tour that is interesting, accessible, informative, even exciting as you begin to get drawn in by the story. Walking around familiar London landmarks and seeing a completely different side to them is an enriching and engaging experience. The enthralling nature of the story Margarita tells is matched by the infectious enthusiasm with which she delivers it. We were in quite a small group and so I could ask as many questions as I liked during the tour - which was great, as I knew next to nothing about Russia history before the tour.

I would definitely recommend this tour for pretty much anyone. If you have even the slightest interest in Russia, or if you want to add some solid entries to your London anecdotes repertoire, then you should definitely check it out.

Dan D

Living History! Fascinating tour

This was a really interesting walking tour, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to others. We were taken back in time, and history unfolded before our eyes ... right here in my very own city! It is all so tangible. Margarita is an imaginative and very knowledgeable guide and, as she takes you round, you can genuinely feel the presence of these giant figures of history ... the shapers of the 20th Century. I do not hesitate to urge anyone with an interest in politics and history to sign up for this tour. A drink in the warmth of the very pub where Lenin first met Stalin is an excellent end to the event, especially on a cold day!